Friday, 12 June 2009

Wonder Girl Remix

Yep, it's my remix of the Donna Troy costume. Not much of a change? Why? Cause there's nothing really wrong with that flashy red suit of hers that's why. Lots of line weight nitpicks I guess but if I keep inking like this I'll have that issue silenced or at least quietened one day.

Oh yeah! Check out this new figure by Rockin Jelly Bean. It's like a mixture of Manga, Comics and Retro all in one. Hope they do more! THE FIGURE HERE!


Red White said...

hahaha, looking good dude! Keep up the awesome work. I really dig the way you drew her.

Oh, and that statue looks amazing!

crithon said...

Wicked redesign. I always did dig that red suit, but just in awe in your style. Amazing work

And that statue is just to die for man.