Thursday, 4 June 2009

Under Painting

Well, I tried under painting again and boy it's truly a fast way of painting, I cranked out this test in just under an hour so please ignore the shoddy line art. I'm quite sure I'm doing it totally wrong though because I have no idea what blending mode I should be using for the colour. Screen, Overlay, Multiply, who knows!

Don't cry Bruce we'll find out one day chum!


Red White said...

Hey! Thats pretty cool looking dude. Try using multiply with more gray shades in there. But then again, I don't do underpainting myself. GO BATMAN!

crithon said...

looks great man, although I'm kind of fond of how you did the second piece more so then the third one. Why? Well it's that amount of black in his skin. I feel if you added more into the final one it's look more dynamic. Like lets say the lighting isn't pointed at his face and instead coming away from him.

but again, excellent work.