Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Twilight Waker

I like Twilight Princess but I really miss some of those fun design elements of Wind Waker. When I get through with the remainder of my uni work I might finish this.

Yep, it's a crappy smoke brunsh!Just goofin' around here.


Red White said...

hahahaha that last one was compleatly unexpected.
Oooooh, that smoke brush reminds me of Okami type smoke.
I still need to play windwaker. The style of it looks great and a like the way Gannondorf looked in it too. Of course it'll help if I had a Wii. Thats my next toy that I'll try 'n get. If the black Monster Hunter Tri edition of the Wii comes to shelves on this side of the pond, I'm getting one.
Keep posting dude! Love to see your stuff.

crithon said...

Ooooooh, excellent experiments. Oh this is going to come out lovely.

Lil tip. Wind Waker's Link design is more like a football for a head that's disproportionate from his body.

God I love that smoke. Can't wait what your going to do with this.