Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bad Habits?

Don't you hate it when you notice odd things about your work. I could say this is just my style but since I didn't notice it before now, I'd say it's a bad habit :/

One bent leg, one straight leg:

I also realised I can't do those painterly radial renders. You know, the kind of ones that are sharp at the focus points and blur into a lovely undefined mess at the edges. It just looks plain unfinished when I try, drawing attention to the unworked parts. It may come from working the details too soon and too tightly or perhaps a more painterly brush is needed. I've seen artists use the blur tool but that's cheating right? lol

(The red is where is shouldn't be focusing)

Anyway, these things don't bother me too much but I thought I'd share none the less.