Monday, 30 August 2010

The Drop

Just dropping a few things. Lupin 3rd there at the bottom was sketched by sparky, inks n' colours were by me.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Study, Study, Fuddy, Duddy.

Here's some digital paintings and a few speed paints for Art Jams over at King Zilla.

Perhaps I'm studying too much, I rarely have anything 'finished' to post. The worst part of the studying perhaps is being your own critic and not knowing if something is good or awful. I watch X Factor sometimes and wonder how on earth some people can not notice how bad their singing is. The same can be seen in art too, people just posting and churning out bad designs, galleries with 400 plus pieces of garbage work. Of course they were told 'that's nice' and 'keep going' but rarely 'the noses you draw are way too long' or 'the palettes your using are often too bland'....ahhhh... I'm ranting lol. Basically I don't think I'm gonna post or study as much from now on...well, at least untill I get a mentor or a strong enough peer group to teach me a thing or two about my strengths or shortcomigs.