Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ruff n' Roar

I’m finding Illustrator too time consuming these days, inking anything that’s not cartooned is a real labour and not fun at all. And hey, if your not doing work it’s good to have fun! So…between jobs I’ve been making some speed-ink brushes, pencils brushes and what have you to loosen myself up. I scribbled over a Hiroki Samura drawing to test the ink brush out and I have to say not spending 3 hours inking is quite fun indeed. Don’t fret though, Illustrator will still be used for my main works. These brushes will be used for more experimental or fun stuff.

Tut-tut, if you’re confused about anything in the sketch stage cause your rushing prepared to get a hard smack when you try and shade or colour it. I got to remember to ref poses if I’m gonna speed though things. Tightening the under drawing helps to I guess lol.


crithon said...

looks amazing, but yeah, you nailed it exactly why I don't like Illustrator. And even when some artist make it look easy, it's well over thousands hours of tweaking little axises and handles till it's perfect.

I really love the woman on the bottom, beautiful style.

Red White said...

haha cool stuff dude. You make a living off of doing art?

I've never messed around in illustrator so I'll take your word on that one. Inking has never been my thing but time may change all that. I swear, sometimes I draw the line art 3 times over before it's ready to be colored. Then again, I usually stop at two because I convince myself that it's good enough. Red lines, pencils and sometimes digital inks depending on mood.
And as a comment on the middle picture. Good luck there muscles.