Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Major Armstrong

I've been fiddling with Sai Paint Tool to get a nice pencil like line. Getting closer and closer slowly. I thought I'd draw Major Armstrong while I was at it because the animation in the reboot of the Full Metal Alchemist series is just too amazing.


Red White said...

hahahaha, dude is sooooo gay. Thats the stero type in Japan after all. Mustach and huge bodies = gay man.
I didn't know they did another FMA thing. I thought the first run of the series was fine as it is. Is it like a continuation or something?

Sinistar1 said...

The first series was very cool. But had had alot of stuff cut out from he even cooler manga. It's a total reboot-remix-expansion kinda thing. Not like Hollywood's "we fucked up so lets start all over again" garbage.