Sunday, 31 October 2010

A bit Tangled

I was really down when I heard Glen Keane wasn't directing this movie any more but I glad he's at least animation supervisor. You can really see his 2D flair for character design and animation in there. What's interesting also is that the film's secondary characters have a that classic Milt Kahl look too. There's so much going for this film visually, I just hope the story is just as good.

Tangled – Maximus


crithon said...

Yeah, but like, Tangled has been in production for 8 over years. I was still in college when they would release art from the film.... so far it looks good, considering Bolt was in a similar situation and look at how badly that went.
I don't know, princess and the frog was excellent, I don't really know what expect from Disney at this point, but your right the hero has excellent expressions.

Red White said...

I knew I liked the art style of that movie for some reason. But the story seems more... girly than most other Disney movies. idk, I may still go watch it if nothing else but to see the glorious art.

Sinistar1 said...

Yeah, Bolt was a big disappointment, Sanders left and went strait on to work on How to Train your Dragon which had a surprisingly touching ending. Tangled, just needs some heart, perhaps a little Bambi style tragedy lol. I think the hero gets blinded by thorns in the original story, Disney will probably make it Mace to modernise it.

Red, it's funny that you say it seems like a girly film, it's one of the reasons they changed the name from Rapunzel. Those crafty studio heads clearly want to get all the little dudes to go see this film. A crowd I think they lost on the Princess and the Frog.

crithon said...

Well Tangled, I mean originally like 8 years ago it was being pitched in that Shreik crazy where it was going to be this super cynical Modern take on fairy tales. And like there's very little of that in the trailer, I'm surprised it gone so far into production is Glenn Kean still on it?

I still need to see How to Train Your Dragon, I kept hearing good things about it. Kinda wish it had more RAD Dragons, like something out of Record of the Lodoss Wars.

Sinistar1 said...

After seeing this it reminded me how studio heads like to switch out directors like a Vs Capcom game and how many iterations an animated film can go through.

Record of the Lodoss Wars, I missed out on that cause I only got into RPG's in the mid/late 90's. The only thing I saw of it was the trailers on my old Manga VHS's. I don't think it was ever aired in the UK sadly.

crithon said...

hehe, I used to play pen and paper RPG with friends, and we would watch anime in between sessions. So Record of the Lodoss Wars was at the time really like a big D&D inspired anime.... and it's aged pretty badly because of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. But I'd definatly say see the first episode nice animation and the set up a typical RPG dungeon raid.

Yeah, I don't really want to sound cynical, but How to Train your Dragon reminds me a lot how Monsters are portrayed in Monster Inc. I still love Monster Inc but man do I love monsters, and I think more like Hellboy 2 does a better job portraying monsters which are vicious, gnarly, scary but also human quality. I guess a lot of my dragon love comes from really being into dragons since I was 4 years old and my neighbor had a collection of statue dragons and he gave me a baby dragon statue as a gift.

Yeah your right, the video shows that there were a lot of people involved, I'm surprised even the animators had time to animate this film