Thursday, 28 October 2010


Two hours into working on this I started to get weirded out on how…you know, weird it looked. I realised after I did a quick paint over that I’m just not used to seeing people or women in this case without eyelashes, pupils and hair. I realised also that rendering realistic people is still an infinitely boring choir. I’m keen to start on some stylised and Toon stuff soon, some stuff that would look cool as vinyl figures and the sort. Gosh, the possibilities. If only I had more hours in my day.

Speaking of hours of the day, I’ve been spending lunchtimes reading The Walking Dead. Wow, I love it!


Red White said...

ooo, I like the way you made her mouth. You should show several angles of your models so that we can get a good look at 'em.

The Walking Dead = Win my friend. I need to get the next compendium book when I get the chance. I'm not sure where you're at in the story so I'll be mum about it now. :X

crithon said...

so like did you reference the girl? Personally I would use a photo reference for my attempts into 3D.

Walking dead is sooooooo good, can't wait for the show.

Sinistar1 said...

Yeah red, i'll be sure to do that in the future. *takes note*

The show airs tonight too, yay!!

I used Anastasia Braun, Raquel Welch and a side of Andrew Loomis to block everything out. It's funny that the Loomis book was better help than the ref photos :/