Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lunch time!

Some lunchtime doodles!

My TV/Monitor just broke so forgive my more than sporadic nature. I'm gonna try fixing it myself. *opens toolbox* Wish me luck.


crithon said...

lovely style, love the line work specifically on your alien pokemon. Although how are you getting these done if your monitor is Kaput?

Red White said...

@ crithon

He's just that good that he doesn't need to see what he's drawing in order to know what he's drawing.

Sinistar1 said...

thanks dude, I made a lot of brushes in Sai that never get used so I gave them funny names to draw me back to them. The "Yoji - Brush" was used on the fake Pokemon there.

I had a dual monitor set up, one big one and one very tiny one that was for ref, program panels, music, Skype etc. With the big one gone I'm slowly getting used to the clutter and minimising windows again.

Sinistar1 said...

Hahaha, Red I was forced once to draw with my eyes closed during a life drawing once as punishment.

crithon said...

ahhh, I used to have that problem, I had an CRT monitor, around like 3 of them, really bulky until they turned yellow as my second monitors. Until recently friend of the family gave me a second monitor which does 720p, but I still use a 1024x768 resolution on the main monitor. Try to get a LCD monitor for the second one even if it's cheap, because it strains the eyes while working your second monitor has a different refresh rate.