Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mini Poll Closed!

So you people want comic/manga lines eh? Then more is what you'll get!
They won't look a crappy as this don't worry. In the meantime I'll research a way to speed up my vector inking.

Oh yeah, here's the sketch I used for the poll. Sorry to disappoint ya if you thought she was flashing lol. I had a funny line to go with this illustration but it turned out to be a bit too vulgar. Any one got a cheesy line I could use?


Christian said...

Awesome lines

Red White said...

Lovely! I like the girls face and I want to see that Peach/Link crossover finished dude! Don't hold out on us. In fact, do one of Peach and Zelda being too friendly. lol

I'd seriously like to see more of that new style of yours. It looks amazing to me.

Oh, as for the cheesy lines?
Peach: "I see you have experience in saving princesses, and that's always a plus. Now tell me, how do you feel about wearing bib overalls?"

Thats the best I've got at the moment, I'll keep thinging on it and see what else I might come up with.

Qyzex said...

reaaaaally diggin' the face there. Seriously. I especially like the lips. I cannot draw lips, so that may be the reason XD