Monday, 31 August 2009

Carry On My Wayward Son

Here's Cable with all its flaws n glory, minus my noisy background that seems to annoy most people.

Last week was almost a total wreck for me, I didn't have the motivation to draw when I got home work. Then I stumbled on a old folder of inspirational art on my pc. Needless to say I felt better after, pummelling my brother at Marvel vs Capcom 2 helped a bit too :)

Any of Bengu's Promotional and character art kicks me into drawing.

Edayan, Rival Schools, nuff said.

Dave Johnson. Wow, I love this cover for so many reasons.

(Edit) Kinu, Capcom legend.


Red White said...

niiiiiiiice bag of insperation dude. I like 'em all. Good choices. ;) Capcom FTW, amiright?

And I love how cable turned out. That sort of shading is amazing! I like how you went two ways with it on his main texture and his shiny arm.
I'm of two minds of the second light source behind him. (which is missing from his shiny arm making it less shiny than is should) First mind likes it. Second mind thinks it should be solid without the texture added to it. OR, have the texture on one side and have it a solid color on the other, like on his bicep, have it fade out into the speckled look but have it start sharply. And maybe erase just a bit of the shadow above his chin. But dang this is fantastic. Love that retro gun. In fact, you could so pull off a "Attack of the 50 foot space monster from mars" type 50's movie poster. I'd love you if you made that for me. lol

crithon said...

By the way, that last one with Kyo and Sakura, it's not Akiman. It's Kinu Nishimura, he's my favorite capcom artist

Sinistar1 said...

Victor, you don't know how many times I've made this mistake, I didn't even know she was a woman until recently. By far my favourite too, I'd marry her if I could find a big enough ring :)