Monday, 24 August 2009

Something Old Something New

A pile of speed scribbles from 2007/08 using my long gone tiny tablet. I thought I had a lot of digital sketches to share but sifting through the 500 or so files I noticed they were all weird anatomy studies, tests and thumbs of unfinished ideas. How lame. I need to stop studying all the time and just finish stuff off.

Some "faux" water colour tests. Need to do some good old cheesecake pin-ups in this style perhaps. Ignore the hair on the girl, apparently the way I draw hair on paper doesn't work on computers.


Ash Collins said...

a lot of these scribbles look better than my finished work. goddamyouson

Red White said...

hahaha! There's alot to love here! Love that one dude in your sketch collage with the one red eye. Good use of heavy shadows with him. And those other head shots are looking great as per usual. The girl is amazing, the polka dot unitard is hysterical and I swear I know that dude at the bottom. I saw him on Lost as a merc and he was also in a few other movies. I just can't think of his name. Anyway, fun sketches dude. Keep 'em up!