Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Brawl over lines!

A Poll for the three or four people that visit my blog lol. I know form is most important but what type of line should I play more with in the future? Vote on the far right there, c'mon it won't hurt....much.





Thunderrobot said...

D, of course!!!

but I'm biased because i love the look of clean, weighted lines.

Red White said...

C gets my vote. As much fun as vecters are to look at, it might be a bit time consuming. I think C might help get a natural feel across with your stuff.
A and B both look fine but your type of work demands more solid lines. Unless you're going for a grain effect or if it's supposed to be a drawing of a drawing.

But as a note, looking down the lines of this, it's almost as if Peach was flashing Link. mmmmm peach and zelda...... *homerdrool*