Monday, 20 October 2008

Gosh darn Batgirl we're done!

When colouring I always ref particular artists to remind myself of the sort of finish I want. Mainly because I'm a major procrastinator who ponders what to add next all the time. This time a had a Jay Bone itch I had to take care of. A slight "Dark Before Light" layer was added. You rarely see this with cell artwork and I've only done this when painting. I was less subtle than Bones but I found the results quite interesting. Check out J.Bones work here:

The background is the most fun part. It lets me know I can finish any time and play with brushes. I use a photographed texture as a base and just paint over it like a hooligan in ArtRage. Then paste it into Photoshop and adjust the levels and whatnot, all done!

I would have liked to have done this much more to Yvonne Craig’s likeness but when I toon stuff it all seems to disappear. Two things I need to do in the future is to learn how to caricature and how to water colour.


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Red White said...

oh ho! Now I see where you drew (snicker double entendre)your inspiration from.