Sunday, 28 December 2008

Calibrate It

Thanks to a good friend and a little saved money I treated myself to a Intuos3 graphic tablet! Oh Joy! I'm terrible at drawing with graphic tablets but I don't care, I'm determined to get good with this bad boy. Here's a sketch I did trying to calibrate the pressure sensitivity in Painter and Photoshop. It's a bit flat on one side and the eyes are wonky but its a start I guess.


Red White said...

Oh man, I remember when I first got my tablet. It was so new and shiny. It was small but it worked and we had fun. Running in the feilds, romping through the flowers, picknics at sunset...... wasn't till later I realized thats not how you use a tablet so you're way ahead of me on that front. ;) I'm sure you and your tablet will have alot of fun times ahead! It becomes second nature to you after awhile!
BTW, if you have quick keys on the tablet, here's what I have mine set to. I only have two keys and a scroll wheel on the tablet itself and then two keys on the pen. The two keys on the tablet I have preset to go to my brush tool and my smudge tool. My big key on my pen I have set to the switch color tool and the small key is the right mouse click. It makes things really easy for me and it's just an idea of what you could quick key to on your photoshop program.

Red White said...

Oh and nice sketch btw! Way better than what my first forray with a tablet looked like. Of course that was awhile ago when I didn't have as good a grasp on art as I do now.

CaptainChants said...

Ahhhhhh the Wacom Tablet. It is indeed a grand old day when one picks up a Wacom.

I just got a new one (Bamboo fun, which I've named "Mr Bamboo). I swear there is nothing like a wacom tablet.

When I first saw your sketch I thought it was done using copic markers or something! I'm guessing that's painter? I love how natural painter looks.