Friday, 10 October 2008

Supa Flats

Me, as an animator and graphic designer, I dislike overworked, over rendered images (unless I’m painting anyway). I tend to prefer an animation cell style for my pieces soooo…I drop flats and call it quits lol. Well there’s more to it than that, colour balance is key, if your unlike me and know your colour theory you can do this very quickly.

Illustrator CS3 finally has a decent eraser tool but its still a poopy program if you want to work at speed. Here’s a vid how to use it provided by some kind YouTube dude: You don’t have to go into the actual tab to do this, just select a line and hit “ctrl + E” to expand the lines.

At this stage my brain says “its done!” for some reason. I really want to get stated on another idea but conformity insists I add shading and lighting and other garbage to show I’m not lazy. When colouring the line art I very rarely make the lines brighter than the flats. It works for Sleeping Beauty but not for me.

I’ll explain how to use these tools properly another time but, here for shading or lighting I’ll use the pen tool. By the way if you don’t like hard edges use the blur tool not the blur filter. Blur filter much like gradients stinks of cheapness.


Chris said...

Cool works bro!!!

Red White said...

Cool step by step.
I have such a hard time just going with flats. I'm not accustomed to cell shading and in all honesty, it frightens me. If I don't have some smooth transition between lighter and darker colors in there, my brain starts to retaliate against my body. It's quite interesting to watch actually.
Anyway, I like the sparkles on her. Gives her outfit some pzazz. (she needs a jazz hands pose now. Batman on Broadway, I can see it now.) But I'd say just give her the sparkles on her left side where the light source is. I think there is just too much sparkle. (Or not enough, depends on who you ask.) Might just be the 3 sets of sparkles on her legs that throws me off or something. idk. (jazzhands)

Sinistar1 said...

I think when I colour stuff I’m stuck in my old animator mentality. If I can’t make it move in my head I can’t put the strokes down. I really need to get in the “This is a still!” mode of things. Your very right about the sparkles, putting too much is not in league with my style and it does look odd because no light should be reaching the right side, an old specular lighting habit from my 3D days perhaps lol.