Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Your Unique Like Everyone Else

Here's a girl w.i.p I'm quickly working on and a Spiderman paint sketch.

Been super busy lately and had to change my resolve about things. I'm in a sort of "Make it Happen" phase right now. Let's see what comes of it and how long this lasts.


Red White said...

Popping that MJ pose... I'm actually starting to dig it. Now I need to see spidy in a suite and fadora with a single white glove. This. Needs. To. Happen.

That first picture is a very wtf sort of picture. Wait... is it a huminized pony :D ??? That aside, it is very well done. I love the hair, the eyes, the mouth. Really and honestly, I wanna steal the style for those eyes. Maybe the hair and lips too... ugh, I'm just envious of people who can draw without lines... oh yeah, paint. Anyway, it looks delicious and I wish to see more. You'd make a killing doing pin-up art.

As always, I'm going to hurle my two cents out there, I think the top of her head seems out of whack with the rest of her face. Technically speaking, the eyes should fall in the middle of the head, i.e. equal space between the eyes and the top of the head as is the space between the eyes and the chin. Of course the rules don't always apply since you can do perspective and 100's of other things to change the rule, but as a rule of thumb, that's how it goes.

And... ugh, the small pictures do NOT do these justice. To anyone reading this, please right click on the picture and open that damn thing up in another tab, you can see it sooooo much better. The details man, the details and the textures! That spider-man looks boss up close! The webbing looks great and I like how it goes to white in the shadowed areas. Your pictures should open up in full view off the bat, man. No one will ever appreciate it fully unless they see it in full view.

Sinistar1 said...

Close! It's a humanized Unicorn of Uncertainty and Justice!

I've been struggling with a way to paint draw hair properly. It's a road block for me right now. But yes! You pointed out a recurring mistake I make! I like drawing toony big heads but I always forget to dial it down and remember ratios when drawing semi-real things. Your always catching this stuff dude!

I prefer close ups and textures too, I'm usually get disappointed when I zoom out lol. I think that's why I like prints and posters so much. You can see all the brush strokes, detail and grain.