Monday, 20 June 2011

Let's Ref

60 minute sketch from a screencap. I made a few mistakes made in the set up, one being the canvas ratio. Next time I'll make sure its the same as the capture.
Not too happy with this one... long neck, screwy nose, under saturated background. I'll try a few more of these though.

And one 90 min sketch I forgot to post. Ref'd from some fashion magazine.


crithon said...

nice work, it's a good experiment, moments like this it's good to take what you learned from it. The coloring, the timing, the break down, the anatomy. I mean You yourself see the flaws but what did you learn? But aside from that WONDERFUL!
By the way was that the girl's hair for fashion model at the bottom?

Sinistar1 said...

I agree, I learned quite a bit from doing this. Foundation. Remembering that setting the stage properly before playing around leads to speedy work. Well, maybe not speedy. Just less time is spent on correcting compositional mistakes.

I didn't render her hair well but, yeah, that's pretty much it. There were so many wild hairstyles to pick from. These pocket size style magazines for women are a great resource of reference. Especially the ones on hairstyles.