Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Martin Keamy

Or just Mr.Keamy, the villain from season 4 of Lost. Man this guy was a jerk. The moment he first smiled I knew he was bad news lol.

And a few scribbles I did after watching Superjail. What a weird show.


Red White said...

Nice work dude! Very close look to the actor. I actually liked the guy, even if he was a jerk. Though I do tend to like most of the "bad guys" on Lost. There's alot of gray area on that show now.

The rest of the drawings are great as well! Superjail is nuts and I can only stomach so much of that show before I have to change it. Good thing it's only 10 min long.

CaptainChants said...

Grrrr stupid Mr Keamy!!!!!

He was annoying and I just wanted to punch him D:

Great drawing of him tho. Loves it XD